About us

I am Stella Sulak, I am a nomad... Always on the move, walking here, there, nearby, a little further, observing life and how to get the most out of it.

I have travelled a lot and have lived in 5 different countries. Australia is now my home but I'm from France. This is why you will probably notice a strange way of expressing myself in English. I'm sure you'll understand.

What makes my heart beat is exploring, discovering, getting lost and starting again. I like the little flower that grows despite the concrete, the smile of a stranger at the bend of a path, the smell of the undergrowth, the diversity of the stories... I particularly like stories; the stories that each of us carries, sometimes funny, sad, deep or light. Stories have accompanied us from a very young age and all along our life we search for new ones through a book, a movie, a piece of art, from a friend or even a stranger. We are hungry for stories. For what? To enlarge our life? To breathe? To travel? To understand? I deeply believe that they simply allow us to grow.​ 

I felt in love with clay in 2021 and a vast world opened to me. Another world as old as ours, but still to be reinvented... A world with endless possibilities for sharing endless stories. I feel like we're all a ball of clay. We are all shaped by our past, our environment, we are all bearers of stories... I explore the relationship between all living species, navigating between the human being form and nature. Emotions are the pillar of my work. The poetic form of emotions... Welcome to my wandering thoughts...